Insight Mystery Shopping

It’s not actually all that mysterious...We have the insight to help you improve your business as well as your bank balance.

I know, right!

It’s all about you

It is actually all about you, we offer an individual service to suit your specific business needs. One size doesn’t fit all but our made-to-measure solutions will give you the competitive edge in your hospitality, tourism, retail, or business-to-business services.

Here's What We Do

The customer does know best so if you get inside their head (actually, that’s where we come in) you can find out exactly what’s going on, and we can help you improve the experience with a bespoke customer service solution and then everyone’s happy!

You need a fly and we need a wall! Let’s do this!

Here’s how it works

We have a chat and you can tell me all about it.

Yip, it's really that simple.

Some of our Services

Mystery Shopping

An undercover visit/telephone/email is made to your business by one of our experienced shoppers, posing as a real customer. Using an agreed scenario, they will score and record their experience on our tailor made questionnaire.

Training and Consultancy

Using the results of your mystery audits we can design a tailored training course to address your specific needs. Our associate partners can deliver training courses in Customer Service, Selling Skills, Telephone Customer Care, Marketing, Digital and Social Media and Merchandising.

Awards Adjudication

Impartial and objective adjudication for Business Awards programmes. Judging methods include mystery shopping, online submissions, face to face interview panels, onsite visits and public vote.

Focus Groups and Surveys

We can also engage directly with your customers by facilitating a focus groups or carrying out surveys to ascertain their views and opinions. Surveys can be conducted by telephone, on-line or face to face.

Web and Social Media Audits

A review of your website and social media channels from a customer’s point of view. The audit will give you an insight into how your customer sees your business, brand and message.

Customer Journey Mapping

We will work with your team to map out your entire customer experience across all touchpoints from initial contact to purchase to after sales. The process gives you an insight into how your customers move through your business and identifies opportunities for you to enhance the experience.

Sectors we work with

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Business Services

The “are my staff on the ball?” quiz

Here a few things to think about, and how we can help with them.

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Here’s, what we can do...

Bespoke audit forms created to match your exact operating standards.

So how does that help you...

Tangible, detailed reports outlining the customer’s experience.

Here’s, what we can do...

Objective, well trained shoppers will benchmark your service.

So how does that help you...

Highlights any gaps in service but also shines a light on good service. Pat on the back anyone?

Here’s, what we can do...

Detailed shopper specifications based on your needs.

So how does that help you...

Improved service plus increased sales and customer retention. Isn’t that what’s it all about?

Here’s, what we can do...

Comprehensive numerical analysis and league tables – you can’t beat a bit of competition!

So how does that help you...

Ongoing opportunity to highlight to staff your expected standards of service.

Here’s, what we can do...

Let us visit your competitors undercover - they might recognise you but they don’t know us!

So how does that help you...

Understand and benchmark yourself against your competition.

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